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Wade Wondrasek

Boax Resource Management


Wade Wondrasek has over 25 years of successful drilling experience, focusing his career on the optimization of all aspects of drilling operations. He started in the oil and gas industry in 1992 as a roughneck on Canadian drilling rigs and has spent the past 15 years leading drilling operations in the areas of Deep Basin Montney and Duvernay, with over 500 Horizontal Shale Basin wells drilled to date and counting. Wade has also successfully drilled HTHP Liard Basin in the Besa River shale, as well as water disposal wells in the Leduc Reef. He has spent his career drilling the toughest, most complicated wells in Canada with outstanding success of decreasing days and dollars. His proven track record of success can be attributed to being innovative and motivated with the ability to think outside the box.

With the constant demand domestically and internationally for his expertise, Wade decided to form Boax Resource Management to help other companies perfect their drilling practices to have the success they desire.

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